Stone Road Physiotherapy worked very hard to have our clinic ready for a safe re-opening. The following new policies will enhance the safety of clients and staff.


1. Our screening questionnaire is available on our website (“Contact Us” page).
2. Clients must “self-assess” using this questionnaire prior to each appointment.
3. Each staff member must “self-assess” using the “screening” questionnaire every day.
4. All clients and staff will have their temperature checked on clinic entry.
5. A client answering “yes” to any screening question, or having a temperature outside of “normal” range will be subject to further “risk assessment” by their therapist before
treatment can be provided.
6. Staff failing screening will not work from the clinic, but may be available for “Tele-rehab”.


1. Treatment times have been changed to 30 minutes or more and breaks added to allow for the cleaning and disinfecting of rooms between each client, and to reduce patient traffic.
2. Washrooms will not be available to clients (unless you have a more urgent need). If you use the washroom, you must notify one of our staff member as the washroom will be cleaned and disinfected immediately. (Our staff MUST clean and disinfect the washroom after each time one of them uses a washroom.)
3. Staff have been trained to clean all areas frequently touched such as door knobs,
computer equipment, phones, POS unit – throughout the day.
4. You will be required to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands upon arrival at the clinic.


1. Because of challenges with disinfection between patients, “hot packs” will not be
2. Use of the gym will remain limited to one patient at a time.
3. Gym can only be used under the direct supervision of a therapist – who will clean and sanitize equipment immediately after use.


1. We have added markers on the floor at the entrance to indicate 2 meter distance. Clients must keep this distance when in the waiting room area.
2. There will be only 2 chairs in the waiting area – for use if clients MUST sit down upon arrival.
3. Please enter the clinic for your appointment right on time. You will only be taken to your treatment room after initial screening, a temperature check, hands sanitizing and putting your mask on.
4. Your therapist will have to come closer than 2 meters from you, but we will all be wearing Level 3 surgical masks and have access to goggles, shields, gloves and gowns when required.


1. Clients will be booked every 30 minutes with 10 minutes break to allow for disinfecting
rooms. Each therapist will be assigned 2 rooms to reduce traffic through the clinic.
2. A limited number of therapists will be working at the clinic at any one time.
3. Clients will be asked to use one of 2 exit doors to allow for one way traffic only.
4. Clients will be scheduled in a way that no more than 2 clients will have the same starting time and the next 2 clients will be coming in 10 minutes later.
5. Appointments will have to be booked over the phone, through our website or ON THE WAY IN only. This applies to payments as well. There are arrows on our floors to indicate direction of traffic while entering, and exiting the clinic.
6. Due to the new limited capacity at the clinic, you must give South City 24 hour notice if you are going to cancel or miss an appointment, so that the time can be given to another patient. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, you will be charged the full cost of any appointment you miss where you have not provided this 24hour notice.
7. Clients will not be allowed to bring in a family member with them unless they are a
minor and must be accompanied, they need a translator or help getting into the clinic.

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